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Entrepreneur, Author, Sunday Independent Columnist, Trainer and Lecturer


Paul O'Mahony is an Entrepreneur, Author, Product Creator and Public Speaker specializing in Digital Marketing, Mindset and Wealth Management. He has been a columnist for the Sunday Independent and Examiner newspapers. His companies are based globally where he supports thousands of clients worldwide.

With nine years of experience working for a US multinational corporation, Paul set up his first company in 2010. This company was formed after having phenomenal individual success in generating income from a variety of social networks. For example, he made his first two online sales on only his second day attempting to sell using Twitter and built up 30,000 followers in just one month (@Paulomahony).

This online business rapidly grew to in excess of $10,000 a month within six months of getting started online on July 18 2009. Quickly his reputation became widely known and companies of all sizes sought out his expertise to help grow their online brand and bottom line profits. Since then, his company has built up a large client base of world renowned businesses, government agencies, speakers, Hollywood & sporting celebrities, while successfully managing their social media as well as providing consulting and coaching, all producing outstanding results.

Paul is a highly sought after international speaker as his unique insights into mindset and marketing allow him to provide a perspective that provides outstanding clarity for his audiences with clear actionable take-aways. Paul shares how the clients mindset works and how understanding this is critical to any marketing being performed by your business. Paul will teach you cutting edge techniques in mastering Social Media to optimise how you or your business can make the absolute most out of the Social Media phenomenon.

His three primary areas of focus are:

To Grow or Increase Your Business with Digital Marketing
Psychology for Success
Growing and Managing Wealth

Paul’s qualifications: Paul Is Qualified With A B.Sc. in Industrial Biochemistry, G.Dip. in Chemical Engineering, G.Dip. Project Management, Project Management Professional (P.M.P.), Masters In Business Administration (M.B.A.), Qualified Financial Advisor (Q.F.A.)


The course put our minds in the right place which really is the building foundation for everything else. Inspirational and practical in detail.

Frank W. (London, UK)

Paul is a genius and grand master in his knowledge and heart of being a real down to earth person.

Joke H. (London, UK)

You cannot run a business in 2018 without knowing this stuff.

Stephen K. (London, UK)

Loved it - the whole team are so supportive and we can’t wait to learn even more from you all.

Eloise B. (London, UK)

I found the strategies to make your money back straight away, the best.

John O. (UK)

Paul has an innate ability and understanding of what drives him and how to keep focused - together with his knowledge is a marriage for success! I love how Paul thinks outside the ‘norm’. Very adaptable and aware of changes in culture.

Johann C. (UK)

I really am happy with Paul’s training process... Thank Paul and each of you for helping this happen. I spent over a year with another program and never got this far.

Michael I. (UK)

A complete eye-opener to the opportunities right in front of them, and some fantastic guidance and advice in positioning yourself to succeed.

Martin K. (UK)

Paul is a great speaker and walks through the whole process. He is genuine and honest with his approach. Excellent course with so much packed in there.

Dinesh S. (UK)

Being educated and inspired by people who have been there, done that and are doing it is a must. The Online Business Mastery will leave you rethinking social media indeed.

David A. (UK)

That this is a fantastic way to learn new skills which will enable you to run businesses successfully and make money.

Jo B. (UK)

Gives a beginner or intermediate person a mindset, plan and confidence to begin.

Andrew C. (UK)

Great course, learning at an easy pace.

Joanne H. (UK)

If you have a business or online business or you want to create one: do this - it’s essential for your future.

Mike D. (UK)

After 10 years working in the corporate sector, I realized I want something more from my life. No matter how hard I worked, the result at the end of the month was always the same. I am also working in a stagnant industry, which made me being searching for other business opportunities. From this research I came across the area of online marketing, where many millionaires I observed had been created in the last couple of years. The fact that the internet allows you to market your products or services to the whole world immediately grabbed my attention. I focused more attention on online marketing, and I ended up at Paul O´Mahony event. I liked the idea of leveraging the power of Social Media to make an income online. Even though I didn’t even have a Facebook account! This online world was all new to me. I grabbed the opportunity Paul offered and bought an online course. I followed it consistently step-by-step. I did everything Paul told me to do. I was absolutely amazed when just after two weeks I earned a staggering $18,000 from marking online following only what Paul had shown me to do... If you apply the steps that Paul's training teaches you, results can be achieved, and fast! That is exactly what I did, and that made me generate my first 5 figure commission online in just a couple of weeks - literally!! The feeling is just fantastic, and I know this is just the beginning!

Gregor G. (Slovenia)

The course is very well delivered by Paul and this is the future for advertising and making a fantastic passive income.

Helen C. (UK)

Paul O’Mahony and his team will inspire you to learn the potential of social media as well as support you in that journey to achieve life-changing results.

Maggie C. (UK)

If you want to catapult your business or find a niche for yourself then learn from the Master - it’s as simple as that!

Roger C.

If you are stuck on how to move forward in your online marketing business, attend these courses to upskill yourself.

Catherine T. (UK)

Paul is a genuine guy who gives value for money. He comes to teach the next generation.

Hyacinth B. (UK)

It’s worth your priceless time.

Eugenia T. (UK)

Paul O’Mahony is definitely the person to go to, as far as making money online through social media.

Andrew D. (Ireland)

A concise and easy to understand course, well presented and thoroughly enjoyable.

Clare J. (UK)

If you apply yourself, you will be successful.

Sally O. (Ireland)

This guy has integrity.

Istvan L. (Ireland)

Unlimited potential to serve people on a global scale.

Paul S. (Ireland)

Get with the times. Social media is here to stay, make money from it.

Robert S. (UK)

This program will change your life.

Vishal P. (UK)

Empowering workshop, life-changing event.

Ramila P.

You won’t believe the opportunity this is!

Sean T. (UK)

Paul is a lovely, genuine man who wants to help people.

Kelly M. (UK)

Beautifully crafted course and so very well presented.

Patricia D. (UK)

Paul is very passionate about helping people and enhancing their online skills to transform their businesses or creating new opportunities. My life has changed completely once I enrolled into his course and I have since started my own coaching business helping new entrepreneurs and small businesses owners to transform their businesses online. Paul is a very knowledgeable man that can take you places. His course is highly recommended.

Carol G. (South Africa)

Kia Ora Paul. Just to let you know that Craig isn't overly impressed with you coming to bed with us every night ☺ Your log is now my bible. I have achieved more in 6 months than the previous 6 years. I just made $70k selling a business making consistent losses you just by getting focused and clear. My dream of helping children globally is now a reality! Even my relationships have transformed. I am magnetic, everyone (friends, family, clients, opportunities) keep coming to me now! Thank you!

Judi C. (New Zealand)

Paul, what you have managed to confine to one page defies logic! This is a masterpiece and thank you for sharing with me! Clearly thousand of hours work has gone into this.

John A. (San Diego)

Paul is a hugely inspirational speaker. He somehow manages to take a highly complex subject and simplify it in a way that everybody can be educated, no matter their previous experience, while keeping his audience hugely entertained.

David W. (United Kingdom)


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